3D Warehouse Labs now available for iPad!

Hi friends! Guz here with something exciting to share. 3D Warehouse has a Labs mode where we test out new features and functionality. As of today, the Labs mode is now accessible from within SketchUp for iPad! You can access 3D Warehouse by tapping the 3D Warehouse icon in the main toolbar tool and from there you can tap the “Check Out Labs” link at the top of the page.

Why would you do that? So you can get an idea of what the NEW 3D Warehouse will look like. We would love your feedback! While you’re here, notice that now you have the ability to search for materials on 3D Warehouse (see below).

Just tap the Material download arrow to automatically load a material into the Paint Bucket tool. If you forgot your safety goggles or have any other trouble in Labs, please let us know. If needed, you always have the option to switch back to Classic.


Could there be a filter/search by keyword of some sort?

Hey RTCool!
Thank you for the feedback!
To make sure I understand. We’re not talking about the current filters, are we? Here’s what we have currently:

Where “Filters” is toward the upper right hand side of the window. But, maybe there are other things we need to consider.

Oh, I didn’t see that filter options change with the five types of searches. Category and subcategory are helpful, but there are none for textures at the moment. Keywords are only as good as the uploader is good at including them. Categories and subcategories that you establish might be more reliable, but things still have to be properly tagged.


Excellent! Thanks again, RTCool!