Where to find warehouse on IPad?

Please go easy on me, I’m pretty new to sketchup and I really can’t find any tutorials online. I used to use sketchup and browse the warehouse looking at models, personally I find it a great tool to learn how to draw and get inspiration for backgrounds. I really don’t know anything about the creating side of sketchup. Recently (somewhat) there was an update to the app (which was required, it didn’t let me open the app without updating) and now I cannot figure out at all where to find the button to access the warehouse. I use sketchup free, so I’m wondering if they just removed the option? If not, please guide me to where to find it, i’m really sad I can’t look at the warehouse anymore. Thank you!

Using SketchUp free web version on IPad:

Open a new file

The option is in the right menu.

You can also search the option and it comes up.

And then just in case I have misunderstood you and you are actually using SketchUp for iPad:

From the left menu

And from the materials pullout menu

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You nailed it @Danimaupin, thank you.

@kedamohno, thanks for your question. I understand that you are looking for the capability that was offered in the version of the SketchUp viewer app that dates back to 2021 and later, within which it was possible to search 3D Warehouse from the Home Screen and then open and view models that were stored there.
I just wanted to confirm for you that that is no longer the case. In addition to the notes that Dani offered about using SketchUp for Web on your iPad, you also have the option to visit 3D Warehouse via a browser app (e.g. Chrome or Safari), download models, and then open them in the SketchUp for iPad app.

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