How will Sketchup work on Ipads?


Is it worth having students download Sketchup on their Ipads? What are the pros and cons of using it on Ipads? Also, will the current version work on the latest Ipads, which is what I’m assuming the kids are going to be getting?


SketchUp doesn’t work on Ipads, but there is a commercial viewing app for the Ipad that lest you view models stored in the 3D Warehouse. It cannot be used to create models.



I downloaded Sketchup viewr on my Ipad, but it doesn’t work. It always crashes and never opens the file to display!
I have seen on many blogs dedicated that the problem is general on ipad, it is taking steps to solve the problem?


• what iPad?
• what iOS?
• every model?
• from where (3D Warehouse / Dropbox / Trimble Connect / iTunes)?