SketchUp won’t open on iPad

Hello I keep trying to use sketch up since I purchased some 3d models for my webtoon. Every time I open it on my iPad though it doesn’t work at all and crashes.

You’re trying to use SketchUp Free for this? What version of iOS are you using?

How large are the components? Maybe you’re just overwhelming SketchUp Free on your iPad.

Should this be posted/moved under the iPad forum?

Hi @Matajboam, thanks for the post. There seems to be some confusion on a few things here.

First up, while you are definitely getting a crash of some king on your iPad, we would need to know what kind of iPad you have and what OS you are running on it before we can try and figure out what the cause of the crash is, as not all iPad models are capable of running SketchUp. For example, older models sometimes do not support the OS that is required for SketchUp to run. Knowing what model of iPad you are using and your OS version will be critical to getting this figured out.

Furthermore, it is not clear if you are using the free web version as your profile indicates or the app you showed in the video. There is a big difference between the two so knowing what version you are using will also help us narrow down the potential cause of the crash.

Finally, DaveR is correct, if all you are trying to do is load a model, you may be simply overwhelming the iPad hardware. Highly detailed or large models tend to cause issues on some lower end or older models of iPads. If you are trying to load a specific file, can you share it with us so we can run a few tests on it?

We are investigating a crash that happens with the latest update to the iPad app, that only affects iPadOS 15. If you have an iPad recent enough to update to iPadOS 16 or 17, that would stop the crashing.

There is no other work around at the moment. A developer is working on this full time to figure out a way to stop the crashing in iPadOS15.

I moved it!

I know, but the recording does show the app being launched, and it then crashes in the way we have seen. Certainly would save a step or two if we had the app and OS details up front, especially those times it’s an issue we haven’t seen.

Hello there I have iOS 15 and indeed it crash every time I open it. Can you help please. I have important work on my iPad and I do have the paid version … thank you regrads

Can your iPad be updated to iPadOS 16 or 17? Are the models you need to work on only local files on the iPad, or are they on Trimble Connect?

If they might be on Trimble Connect you can use the web version of SketchUp, and open the files there. Try going to:

and in the left of the page is Trimble Connect, click on that. In the next screen you should see a project folder, go into that folder and see if the model you want to work on is there. If it is, click on it, and you should then be able to edit the model.

If the model is only on the iPad there may be a way to get it over to your computer. I will try things on my iPad, so I can then give you steps.

Here are some steps that should let you work on your iPad models on a Mac:

On your iPad, open the Files app. Do a search for .skp, and find the model you want to work on in the list.

Long-press on the file, and choose Share.

In the share options choose AirDrop. Make sure your Mac has AirDrop set to be discovered by Everyone. In the AirDrop section choose your Mac to send the file. It should go into the Mac Downloads folder.

You can upload the model to the web version of SketchUp.

If you don’t have a Mac, the Share on iPad has a … option, in there should be DropBox and OneDrive, you could share to DropBox and open the link on your PC to download the model.

@Fabiantellezcau @Matajboam Quick update here to let you know that yesterday’s release of SketchUp for iPad v6.4.1 includes a fix to the issue that you were experiencing when trying to use the app on a device that is running iOS15.

Apologies for the inconvenience, and please do let us know if you notice any other issues.

Hi, I am also experiencing the crash. I tried the SKP Studio trial and the IPad version worked perfectly. I just signed up for the PRO subscription and can’t open one of my files.

I tried opening from Dropbox and even uploading it to Trimble cloud. But it just says “loading” and then the SKP app closes.

I have IOS 17.3 on an IPad Air (4th gen). Is there any limitation on the file size the app is capable of opening?

Please help!

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