SketchUp on iPad crashing

New user to sketchup.
Doing some of the tutorials and the app keeps crashing.
Running it on my iPad 17.5.1 version 9th Gen 256 GB
This package has promise but if I cant use the tutorials to learn it, its kind of useless.
Suggestions on why it keeps crashing?
I get to about screen 3 or 4 on the tutorials, and it just exits the app.

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I’m having the same problem, it’s crashing as soon as I get to the offset tool in the first tutorial. Also with an iPad Pro M4 chip 17.5.1 os. If anyone has tips to solve this issue, it would be much appreciated!

You can go to the About screen and switch to the classic engine while completing the tutorials and then switch back to enjoy all features.

Is the new engine less stable on ipad? My experience is the old version has always been unstable especially the larger the model (on ipad).

Depending on the iPad and drivers: this iPad was introduced 3 years ago, which isn’t too old, but Apple’s own video drivers have less years in them than NVIDIA, and then add our new graphic pipeline to it, and it can be. But my experience has been, the larger the model, the BETTER it did with the new graphic pipeline.


To the points raised here, the new graphics engine is much more performant and therefore, more stable, especially when working with larger models.
It is relatively new, however, so we are still finding and smoothing out the occasional bug, such as the one pertaining to the in-app tutorials that you’ve thankfully reported here.
We’ve narrowed down the issue with the tutorials and believe it’s due to a general case bug that surfaces during the animated transitions from one scene to another, when the 2 scenes contain different background colors.
Please know that the team is currently looking into the issue and working on a fix.