Crashes a lot, even on an iPad Pro

if you read the reviews on iTunes, you can see how common this is. it crashes a lot! and with the sample model it comes with, no less. further, $10 for a viewer app that crashes 10 seconds after you open it? there are whole 3D apps on iOS for free that work better.

please, dont take advantage of your loyal customers. fix your app please, especially after you have taken my money.

BTW, on an iPad Pro, so there are really no excuses as to why it doesnt work


Hi there,

Same behavior on my iPad 2. Even if my Sketchup model is only 5 MB, it is crashing from time to time. Iā€™m very disappointed, even if this application seems to be very interesting at first glance.


It was working fine for me but now when I open the app and choose a drawing even the default dancehall it shows a white screen no graphics all the layers are there and the scenes but when you select them it does nothing just a blank screen