iPad app crashes all the time on iPad Pro

Just installed on an Ipad Pro and it crashes all the time. My model is 43 mb. I can switch scenes, no problem, but if I zoom and look around it will crash every time. The app looks fantastic on the Ipad Pro but not very useful in the current state.

I see the same thing, using the sample Dance Center file. Hopefully the crash logs are getting through to Trimble.

I have the same problem. The app is crashing within seconds or a minute. Both on iPhone 6 and iPad Pro. The model I am using is fairly simple. (30 mb file).

Has a support ticket been submitted to Trimble to fix the obvious bug? Adding to this short list of comments that with a new iPad Pro the mobile SketchUp viewer crashes.

Trimble: I use SU Pro desktop and could really use the mobile viewer while in the field. the iPad is great for use on location out of the office and on an commercial job site where there is environmental hazards not friendly to the laptop.

Looking forward to using this app!