SketchUp Viewer issues - iPad 4th Gen

Trying to use the sketch up viewer app on my Ipad 4th Gen, running iOS 10.3.3. Any model I load up onto the app will either load up as blank white screen or crash the app if its a larger file.

I also can’t update the latest patch of version 5 maybe 5.2? as it won’t complete the update which probably isn’t helping.

The app works on my iPhone 6 (running iOS 10.3.3 also) but the app still crashes if I try to open a larger file 168mb.

Please help!

There was a change a few weeks ago that stopped the iPad from being usable, even if you could load the model. The change was being reconsidered, but I haven’t checked in on that lately.

Also, I’m not sure how far back iOS is supported, though if you have it working on the same version in iPhone, then presumably iOS 10 is still supported.

I’ve already read the tech specs… in theory it should work…

So no iPad is supported anymore or just the 4th gen?

There was an update a few days ago to stop the app crashing with iOS 10 but it won’t let me update it.

Dan’s link suggests that iPad 4th get is supported. The change in the code I referred to breaks even the latest greatest iPad Pro. If that gets reverted it should help 4th gen too.

The crashing is probably a different issue. While iPad doesn’t work at all the crashing doesn’t matter. If the crashing still happens after other things are fixed, then we should look at just the crashing case.

You should experiment with smaller models, and see if there is a point where the model is just too demanding for the memory in older iPads.

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No problem … I was responding to Colin’s remark about “not being sure how far back iOS was supported” … And it never hurts to give other readers the link “straight to the horse’s mouth”. :wink:
(But then Help Center articles can lag behind in some cases.)

I can’t even open the demo model either - they just appear blank