Please tell me how to revert back to Sketchup Viewer v4 for iPad 4

Please tell me how to revert back to Sketchup Viewer v4 for iPad 4

V5 Not crashing any more on iOS 10.3.3.

Tries to load model.
Even their own logo included in the install!

But only a blank screen.

Just make v4 available already until you get v5 sorted.
I know its not that hard.
I’d be embarrassed if I were you.
I’m embarrassed for you.

STOP!!! - If you have SketchUp Viewer v4 on iPad 4 - STOP!!!

DO NOT upgrade to Sketchup View v5.

I’m trying to retrieve v4 app of Sketchup Viewer for iPad 4.

At the moment I am investigating iMazing.
Its a mac app that will allow me to backup my app.

I would like someone with an iPad 4 with Sketchup Viewer v4 to backup Sketchup v4 using iMazing and send me the file so I can restore to my iPad 4.

Please contact me on

many thanks

Why? Any reasoning (data loss danger, app not working, others) to convince readers?
Or are you requesting that someone delays updating, and first sends you an older version of the app?

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Yes to all I think.

On first release v5 on iPad 4 would crash out.

On this next release v5 would load successfully.
But on opening a model, the model will only show a blank screen.

I’ve already found a temporary work around.

But in my search for an alternative work around I found iMazing that will retrieve v4 off an iPad if its still there.

I’ve asked them to make v4 available again but no response.

Other apps on the App Store limit the version on certain devices.
I’d like to see this happen with v4 on iPad 4.

Just so you know, the crashing in the first v5, and some other difficulties in later v5, can happen on iPad Pro, so it’s not just iPad 4.

I’m intrigued by the issue, and want to track down the problem. One of the issues I saw was where Google sign in didn’t work, but it also wouldn’t work if I opened a non-SketchUp related web page inside Gmail, that also used Google sign in. Then a little while later everything was good in SketchUp Viewer and from Gmail. I suspect that Google have some issues they are working on. I have good contacts at Google, I should see what they say about that.

One good thing, in an odd way, is that some people are really relying on the mobile app. For me it is neat, and showing the AR feature in particular is entertaining. I don’t mind if I can’t use the app until the next update. That people are relying on it is good, and hopefully will keep the mobile app team on their toes.

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Please don’t distract from the topic.

  1. Don’t upgrade to v5 until it gets fixed.
  2. If you have an iPad with v4 please use iMazing to extract v4’s .ipa and keep it.
    (I’ve only just now found out the only way I can install the v4 .ipa on my iPad
    is to JB it. Which I don’t like at all.)
  3. Ask for v4 to be re-released until v5 gets updated properly.
  4. Ask to have v4 release considered for version limitation.

35 years in IT software development and release management.

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Then this good, well structured and justified post should have been the first (instead of giving the impression of FUD).

I see, if v4 indeed does not run on an iPad 4, it should have been noticed by SketchUp QA.

But in addition, the thought does not sound unreasonable to me that users should try to “ask” Apple to make older app versions generally downloadable in their store, after all an app version 4 should not only be accessible by preventing the upgrade to 5, but also by fresh installation for people who never had it installed before…

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Here is an article that shows how to install an older version of an app:

I don’t have an old enough device to test this on, but iPad 4 cannot run iOS 11, and so should trigger the offer from Apple to download an older version.

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NO FUD here. Just your impression. Specifically the coulda shoulda woulda post.

My post was clear about NOT upgrading to v5 on iPad 4.

Its all pretty clear for someone who wants to understand whats happening.
And can follow a thread from start all the way thru.

Where I changed my please help to don’t upgrade and here’s how I hope to recover.

v4 DID run properly on iPad 4. Hence my post.

Was using v4 daily and praising it showing other woodworkers how brilliant it was and how to use it.
Was super happy and yes I know I was super spoiled having it available.

Then v5 not working for the last 4 weeks. (I think)
Kicking myself still for upgrading.
Missing it desperately for first few.
Found a work around. And have moved on.

My coulda shoulda woulda is v4 should have been re-released for iPad 4 as a work around as soon as v5 had issues.

Thanks for the acknowledgment in your last paragraph.
Much appreciated.

Keeping me fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

Thanks Colin.
Having a go now.

Yes, I’m familiar with these steps.
The older version has to be made available by the developers.
And identified as product/iOS version limitation.

The comments section has some very interesting discussions.

I did ask Apple if they could help sort it out as a first call.
But declined.
And, of course, suggested I contact Trimble.

Thanks to all.

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