Sketchup viewer V5 does not work

Sketchup viewer V5 does not work. New update bug.
iOS 10.3
What is the problem?

Unfortunately, this is a known issue for users on some iOS devices. We’re currently working on a fix.

Thank You!
I hope it will be resolved soon.

I am having this issue and would like to re-install 4.0 but it is not showing up on the Apple App store. Can I get it somewhere?

Why on earth would a company push out an update we didn’t ask for without testing it on the latest iOS versions? This perfectly good app was working just fine several days ago - now all the sudden it is useless and I have no way to to return to a working state.

They just updated the Viewer and it now opens.
But, I cannot log in to get past the opening screen.
No password, account or method is being accepted.

So, the Viewer is just as useless as it was before the update.

could that be the problem? i’m running iOS 12.1 without having any issues with it and I looked at the download page of the SU viewer app and it says its recommended for iOS 11 or later

V5 Not crashing any more on iOS 10.3.3.

Tries to load model.
Even their own logo included in the install!

But only a blank screen.

Just make v4 available already until you get v5 sorted.
I know its not that hard.
I’d be embarrassed if I were you.
I’m embarrassed for you.

Everything is fine, 3 days ago an update has arrived and the application has been running since.
It was important to me because I bought the ipad pro. And for a couple of years I have paid for this application.
Thank You.

Sorry, google translate

10.3 is good
Update Sketchup viewer!

Viewer V5 now loaded on iOS 12.1.4 on my ipad air. Working perfectly thank you.

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