Sketchup Mobile Viewer crashes on Iphone 4


Hi All,

I got impulsive and bought the SUMV for IOS. It has not shown me a model yet.

It connects to dropbox and 3d warehouse, downloads the model…and crashes.

Even the sample model that came with the app crashes it.

I’ve tried really small models. have not seen one yet.

Iphone 4
Ios 7.1.2
Sketchup Mobile Viewer 2.0.1(29)
i’ve got 3.5 Gb free on the phone.
(ps I have already tried rebooting the phone)



This app is recommended for iPhone/iPad devices with a minimum of 1024Mb of RAM ( iPad Mini 2nd Gen or newer, iPhone 5 or newer).


Quite right.


It does not say “will not function on iphone 4”

and maybe it should


[quote=“anthonysmithemail, post:3, topic:14469, full:true”]It does not say “will not function on iphone 4”

and maybe it should[/quote]

maybe not, if the min. requirement is denoted listing all devices which don’t work doesn’t make sense.


I’m the kind of person that would see this as a really valid reason to upgrade my phone…

even my wife would allow that…

although she’d probably insist on a second hand 5 or with a push a 5s…



an excellent suggestion.

However, who is to say the app won’t function on the Iphone 5 either?

on another thread in this forum, this chap has a Iphone 6!

and it seems to work about the same as my Iphone 4. Upgrading would be like swallowing the spider to catch the fly…where would it end?

Perhaps I shouldn’t have swallowed that fly. (ie by that i mean metaphorically: i shouldn’t have bought the app).