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Thank you for the new version of the mobile viewer. I use it to show files created on SU 2015 PRO iPhone6 on mac.
I meet a problem: scenes do not show the correct layers.
And I have a suggestion for the sidebar: it would be better if it was transparent to see the changes, even if the model is behind the menu.
thank you


I have just purchased the latest Sketchup mobile viewer for my second generation Ipad using OS 8. The App has failed to download any model, even small files and keeps crashing. I have tried turning off all other apps, to no avail.
Is there any fix for this? I can’t believe I just spent money on something that does not perform! Very frustrating.

I have the new galaxy tab s3 and the sketchup viewer have some graphic problems.

The funny think is that the viewer works totaly fine with my old galaxy s6 phone.
Maybe its because of android 7.2 … i dont know.
Will you bring a new update to fix this problems?

I was wondering how I can send a 3D model to a client to view in Sketchup Viewer. Would I have to create the model in 3D Warehouse and make it public?

Thank you