3D Warehouse Labs - New Experiment Needs Scientists!

Hey SketchUppers!

3D Warehouse has flipped on all the lights in the Lab again and we are about to test a new feature that should make finding the exact model you need a lot more effective. Currently 3D Warehouse search, as you know it, is based on a keyword match or, if you have a subscription, the ability to search with an image. In Labs we are testing a different way to search using image search as well as a “descriptive prompt” search.

What does that mean, well brace yourself because just like the Bee Gees, Grunge, New Kids on the Block, and Auto-Tune we’re going to mention something people are getting tired of hearing about, AI.
We get it, the AI buzz has reached burnout status, so I won’t mention it again. What I will mention is how awesome we think your 3D Warehouse experience is going to be when you can find exactly what you need.

You are familiar with how Keywords work. You type a word like “Chair” and then you look for a thumbnail of the type of chair you’re hunting for; and you scroll… and you scroll, and you go to page two and you scroll. If you have an image of a particular chair and you use image search you can really speed things up. But what if you don’t have an image. You just know you’re looking for something like a “Mid Century Lounge Chair with Ottoman, Leather Recliner Armchair Accent Chaise Lounge Chair” sort of thing. Sounds like you’re describing an Eames lounge chair and you know what? Our new model finder gets it!

You can give it a try yourself! Open 3D Warehouse. Just click on your Profile dropdown and select “3D Warehouse Labs” (see below).

From there type in what you’re looking for, but don’t put “chair” in the search box. Try adding a few more adjectives. The more descriptive you are the better the results.

What if you don’t usually search in english? I might look for a “elegant wooden dresser with long legs” but maybe, if you’re from São Paulo, you’d search for a “elegante cômoda de madeira” or if you speak Chinese you might type “优雅的木质梳妆台”. Test it out yourself! The model finder system knows every model in 3D Warehouse and understands quite a number of languages too.

So, if you wouldn’t mind donning your lab coat and goggles, get in there and give it a go! We promise you won’t blow anything up🤞. The only thing we’re asking for is your feedback. Let us know if you like it or what we could improve. If you don’t like it you can just click on the profile menu again and select “Exit Labs”. We’ll take care of decontaminating your lab gear and you’ll be back on good ol’ 3D Warehouse.

Note: This is a slow rollout so if you don’t see the option right away, give it a couple of days and try again. We want to make sure our servers can handle things without falling over.


Finally got around to try it, really nice. it used to be about guessing what keywords might have been used in the title, it’s now easier to get relevant results, similar to the image search.

Still with we could sort results by weight / line count, to have the super light / super simple models at the top and the black holes at the bottom.
When searching for a very simple object, it would make it simpler.
(I know, filters, but it’s not the same as actually sorting)

oddly enough, I didn’t see this thread when published or pinned. Same thing happened before (to me) with the diffusion pinned thread.

I think it could be related to making a new thread ahead of time and making it public later ? Since this thread only has 107 view right now, it might kill its reach a bit. we might need a Discourse expert’s opinion on this one :slight_smile:


I also missed this until today, odd. I’m interested to give this a try.

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Well I tried the search with this term: office chair cushioned back rest and several variations. I finally got 1, yes I sad 1, sad result:

Very funny.

Huh, that’s odd. I tired the same search with more predictable results. I wonder what the difference is?

What was exciting to me is the AI seems to recognize the Low Poly concept. Searching for items with a low poly prompt gives me different results that searching without that term and the results look appropriate. This could be a help to find lighter models than the current size filter allows?

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Look top left, you’re not in the lab!

Click on your profile top roghtto see if you can access it

I just tried the same search term, and entered it in the same place, this time I got satisfactory results. The AI must have been at lunch.

Labs with AI model search is now at 100% so everyone should see the “3D Warehouse Labs” selection in your profile dropdown menu. We’ll be standing by with clipboard in hand.

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