There could be a A.I tool in SketchUp 2025

We, skp users always have a hard time trying to find the same furniture and objects that our clients requires. this could be easily made with an A.I tool that could find the similar furniture in the Warehouse by easily selecting the object you want in a photo and the tools search it for you. This will save much hours from us and will make Skp the best app.

instead of searching the warehouse, how about AI that generated geometry:

or creates seamless textures to use in places where it creates of images it creates (i.e. A seamless wood texture that matches that wood floor it showed in an ai image)

like an AI powered image search in the warehouse you mean ?

sure, let’s put 50% of us to the employment line :wink:

better get that resume updated!

thank you very much. I didnt know it…its is a 2023 feature?

it was a lab (beta) feature late spring, and it became standard warehouse in august I’d say ?

similar to the image search, they added (again in labs) a better text search tool