AI generated models using photos for furniture etc

Hi y’all,
Does anyone know if there is a program, I’m thinking AI, that could generate 3D models of objects in SketchUp? Ideally using images instead of text…?
I make models for interior design applications and the sketch up warehouse is woefully lacking, especially when it comes to furniture. Often times I will have to make a model from scratch which can be very time consuming depending on the complexity. For instance, I am currently working on a living room in which many vintage furniture pieces are being used. It would be so awesome to be able to put in some images and have a model created…


If you are looking for something that would create a 3D SketchUp model from a photograph, I don’t think such a thing exists yet. The diffusion facility goes the other way - creatively generating an image from a 3D SketchUp model and some text prompts. But , like all generative AIs, takes liberties with what you provide. The results can be startlingly wonderful or startlingly weird!

What kind of vintage furniture? Maybe you can hire someone to model it for you.

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Ai 3D modeling is coming along, but a ways away from this. Maybe in a year or more… we will see!

I don’t know of any AI that creates 3D models out of images or prompts, seeing how the AI is developing I’d bet that someone is already working on something like that.

Try Kaedim.

Very interesting! This might be able to do what I need… does it transfer to sketchup though?

Curious, have you tried the image search in 3D Warehouse? It’s not creating a model based on your images but finding models that exist in the Warehouse based on images. It can produce far more accurate results than keyword search. It’s almost like a precursor step to the generative AI you’re looking for. Not a guarantee but may help you find better search results.

Yes I have and that more often than not, it is unhelpful or useless


Could you please share images of the furniture from which you would like to generate a 3D model?


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Here’s another one, a sconce

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