Recent Interface Changes and Search Functionality in SketchUp Warehouse

I am writing to provide feedback on the recent interface changes in the SketchUp Warehouse platform. While I appreciate the efforts to enhance user experience, I would like to share some concerns regarding the impact of these changes on the search ability and overall usability of the platform.

One of the key aspects that caught my attention is the reduction in search ability. The new interface seems to have affected the efficiency of searching for models. Navigating through the categories and finding relevant models has become less intuitive, and this has led to increased frustration among users who rely on the platform for their projects.

Furthermore, I noticed that the “similar results” column has been removed from the search results page. This column used to be a valuable feature as it helped users identify alternatives and variations of the models they were searching for. Its absence has made it challenging to explore similar options easily, and users now have to perform additional searches to find comparable models.

In light of these concerns, I would like to inquire if there are plans to address these issues and potentially revert or refine some of the recent changes. Enhancing the search functionality and improving access to relevant models are crucial for the productivity and satisfaction of SketchUp Warehouse users.

I would also like to discuss the possibility of enhancing the search results quality. As the platform grows and more models are added, ensuring that users receive accurate and high-quality results becomes paramount. Are there any plans to implement advanced search algorithms or filters that could help users refine their searches and obtain more precise outcomes?

I believe that open communication and collaboration with the user community can provide valuable insights into the changes needed to optimize the SketchUp Warehouse experience. If there are any user feedback sessions, beta testing opportunities, or surveys planned, I would be more than willing to participate and contribute to the ongoing improvement of the platform.

Thank you for considering my feedback and inquiries. I look forward to hearing from you regarding the steps being taken to address these concerns and potential strategies to enhance the search functionality and search results quality on SketchUp Warehouse.


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You may also want to search the forum. There are several conversations going on, many of which address the requests you have made in your post.


Is there any solution provided for the same?
How can we enhance our search results then?

They are working on it…

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An other information you may need to know that there are two warehouses in SketchUp.

One is the 3D Warehouse, which you may tanking about now, the other one is the Extension Warehouse.

If you are using the proper terms and definition in any search fields, then you can get better results.

Of course, no search engine is perfect, but if you give specific examples, the developers may more easily fix it.

Well, yes I know about the same but the problem is about the search effectiveness on sketchup warehouse.

Well, You still referring generally to “sketchup warehouse”, but there are two warehouses. (I know what you’re talking about, but if you’re not specific enough, it can get confusing… not only for me but “for the search engines” too…:wink: )

So which warehouse? Do you have a specific example of your problem?

BTW. There are many topic about similar concerns like yours; you can search in a forum too :

“new 3d warehouse search”

Recently, I was searching for a specific item, a “fan,” using the search bar in the SketchUp Warehouse. However, I noticed that the search results were not yielding the desired outcome. Instead of finding fan-related models, the results displayed unrelated items such as buildings and plants.

In previous versions of SketchUp Warehouse, I recall that the search results were much more accurate and to the point. Moreover, there used to be a helpful column that displayed similar results, making it easier to find what I was looking for.

I believe that having precise search results is crucial for users like me who rely on the SketchUp Warehouse to enhance our designs efficiently. The ability to find relevant models quickly greatly contributes to the overall user experience.

I kindly request that the search functionality be reviewed and optimized to ensure that users can find the items they are looking for with ease. Additionally, the inclusion of the “similar results” column, as seen in earlier versions, would be immensely valuable in refining our searches.

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we all noticed.

as Aaron said,

Several people asked what you asked, and this is the answer they got

so… yes, it’s coming. thanks for your patience.

For more info, feel free to go read the recent threads in 3dwarehouse . you’ll find many cover your questions and more detailed answers as to shat and why is going on are in it.