Filtering Searches Feature Requests

There are a glut of spam tagged models which are making searches for normally simple things very cumbersome.

When searching for a “modern garage door” for instance, 12 of the top 16 results are not relevant models by the same user that has over-tagged them all.

Being able to ignore models from abusive tagging users would be nice. Or an option to flag abusively tagged models.

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A tag limit number to apply to the tag field and a ignore tagged models, and ignore all models by abusive taggers.


After 3 flags the abusive model’s tag field should be ignored for all searches by everyone, and the admins should be notified of the abuse, and then user’s profile should show that they have been flagged by the community for a given model.

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I ran into the same thing in the past 2 weeks. @DanRathbun’s suggestion is best, and we all should do it. And if that doesn’t improve quality of our searches, we’ll take further action. We get this “let the community police their content” ideas from our days at Google, but we may need more TLC (tender loving care) in some cases.

They are feature request suggestions, not existing functionality.

Is there a negative filtering option? I often want one. Let me make up a situation off the top of my head here. Say I’m searching for pizza, and my search returns 75 automobiles. They’re not overtagged, they’re just made by a modeler who posts under the name PizzaLover.

The first time something like this happened, I tried some of the Boolean searches I used to use for the public library, but they didn’t help and I gave up. But I’d really, really like to be able to enter “pizza, -pizzalover” and have all his models filtered out.


Hi Debbie,

Sort of. You can negative filter keywords using the word NOT (capitalization required.)

I posted some examples which still work in this topic: Exclude words in search?

It’s not perfect, but using quotes to combine keywords, and using the NOT operator, you may be able get better results.

I was not able to figure out a way to exclude by author. Maybe if there were an “exclude” widget [1] next to the author name that would filter the results with that author excluded…