Exclude words in search?

Can words be excluded when searching the 3D Warehouse?

It appears you can use the word NOT to exclude terms. Capitalization of the word “NOT” is required.

Ex1 - Searching for a clock that is not a wall clock:

clock NOT wall

Ex 2 - Searching for a clock that is not a wall clock and not a small clock:

clock NOT wall NOT small

Quotation marks can be used to search and exclude exact phrases:

Ex 3

  clock NOT "travel alarm"
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Just a minor afer-thought here. To me it is intuitive to use the - symbol to exclude search terms. So using the previous example:

clock NOT wall NOT small NOT "travel alarm"

should also be allowed to be written as:

clock -wall -small -"travel alarm"

Thanks for considering.


Jim, thanks, as always for the feedback!


Agreed. I searched for "trailer chassis" and I see some but also a bunch of trucks.

So I naturally try to use modifiers that the major search engines allow like “+” and “-”, ie:

"trailer chassis -truck" but only get MORE trucks!

This has been rolled out to a percentage of users, with NOT. You can also use AND or OR for trailer, chassis. For example the most limited search result would be via

trailer AND chassis NOT truck

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Excluding authors would be a huge improvement. I often need to pull down mechanical parts (ex: panhead screw) and I have to scroll through dozens of pages of useless low-detail drawings by Parts Community. And they aren’t the only ones putting their catalogs out there. For users who don’t want their stuff, its really time-consuming and really annoying!

Author exclusion should be a standard feature.

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You want to exclude unwanted similar results by the other criterion.
Maybe grouping and collapsing similar results would be a more general solution that helps to quickly evaluate a more diverse results set?