Old Descriptions

I went to make one of my models public again - I had made it private in May of 2022. It’s been in the Warehouse since about June of 2018. The first time I went to make it public, the “save changes” was not available. I didn’t really pay this too much attention (or question it), I just clikked on “view model.” A few minutes later, I happened to notice that the lock was still on that model. So I went back to re-do it. This time, I wondered why the ability to save the change was not available.

After looking around, I noticed a red line at the bottom of the description box. The model is from a time before the length of model descriptions had been. Am I to assume that because I had made the model private, now in order to make it public again, I must trash the description, much of which was relavent to the work at the time?? Are these descriptions on old models not grandfathered in?