Model tag abuse

These are the tags for a protractor I ran across. This person has used this tag on all their models. I noticed some poor search results… I there any way to provide better tagging?

A protractor:

light emitting diode, swing set, wcage, ion, building, cruiser, raf, oceanic, Street, 45 gallon, pool, google, packages, docking, honeycomb, folder, chevrolet, stop, triple, science, detail, wine, hang, texture-free, roll, jupiter, aam, britannica, gold, swimming, pier, carcharias, scott, lights, wrenches, b, address, michigan, photo, pluto, mechanics, distributor, the, photograph, swing, blue, panasonic, pulley, bolted, yours, pre-hung, galvanized, low-drag, wheels, stud, flash light, red, spring, post, shingles, speakers, tin, binder, pan, Plexiglas, check, newspapers, brass handle, ads, sand, wire, neptune, adjustable, child, chimney, pressurized, rope, soldiers, gasoline, lens, miles, engine, pasta, bills, satellite, air freshener, roof, illumination, nitrogen, rice, duct, room, center line, micro, molded, magazine, family, decorate, camping, movie, tomcat, channel, focus, years, dinner table, flour, pliers, block, sockets, passengers, shape, aliens, bulb, masks, intel, exit, system, drives, install, callisto, bull, roller, FTL, fundamentals, single plate, carbon fiber, wait, air, retail, crew, ordinance, wineglass, shark, evga, picture, esa, cod, sheet metal, high earth orbit, cutlery, pic, pie, rear, etc, spoon, nanobytes, rechnology, entrance, kevlar, new, vending, barrels, cpu, contemporary, snow, cussler, memorex, chicken, bush, exterior, lcd, plywood, lightweight, futuristic, long block, design, construction, floor, poles, aircraft, drawer, 4x4, super, encyclopedia, ladder, SST, sketch, wall, tub, css, ring, gigabytes, ship, hot rod, sun light, leo, barcap, jar, cargo, dock, reef, bible, dining, rims, pulsed, United States Commercial space ship, envelope, toilet, faster than light, street lamps, blu-ray, cup, flash, entertainment, smart bomb, odor, pop, USCSS, currency, kitchen, shōji, silly, forbidden, black, clive, inverter, 2x4, classic, ghosts, kick, armed, cabinet, chart, fridge, offices, source, bomb, microsoft, atc, mother, mouse, spacecraft, guides, white, furniture, weylan, tile, hat, tech, glass, parked, buttoned, supercharger, drywall, updated, blower, swim, whiskey, basement, chevy, ceiling tile, shop, color, string, book, video, house, wave, button, weapon, backyard, pipes, Nostromo, windows, generic, nissen, aim- 54a, plugs, window, parking, play, casa, yard, shadow, bounce, asivov, chipboard, fan, heo, cash, hardware, slick, carb, assorted, canvas, kilo bytes, indexed, double, magnesium, metallic, stainless, moon, light, slide, welded, sticky, style, adams, dumb bomb, dowel, solar, trails, alien, triangle, lot, computer, in space no one can hear you scream, cushion, modern, low, web, memories, tire, veranda, chair, rusty, refridgerator, n2o, blown, crust, file cabinet, glassware, protractor, firewall, door set, garden, screws, travel, board, small, beam, door, monkey, fiction, navy, megabytes, spackle, tail fins, funds, rain, quadruple, porch, rail, socks, water, outside, automotive, sugar, altitude, tent, game, colony, titanium, krell, shutters, bowl, airmen, bike, relaxed, european space agency, sheet, hinges, wip, VHS, ceiling, cellotape, ratchet, a+, zoom, clean, soda, meal, build, sbc, visio, front, apartment, ufo, electronics, stack, den, scanned, record, beer, ac, impact, hazardous, plastic, Scotch, white tipped, bd, bottle, hot, drain, hdtv, transparent, interior, advertisements, communications, search, grass, assembly, cardboard, latch, panel, Jug, knurled, spare, mine, cd, chip, neoprene, set, business, alien 3, counter top, shoes, food, table set, grumman, place mat, bed, deco, deck, hi-tech, stairs, dl, terabytes, down, japanese, shipping, Goliath, rubber, tires, halogen, thirty nine, chrome, cragar, planet, exhaust, balconey, tumbler, goodies, knife, renovate, final, loadout, containers, squalus, frame, deep, f-14, additional, Hughes Aircraft Company, yuk, dine, venus, 2003, ganymede, gb, nuclear, tank, living, h2o, lumber, oven, coolermaster, fuses, BITE, custom, retro, i3, monitor, colonists, counter, i5, dinner, i7, home, vents, fork, cheque, comforter, decades, gate, lunch, hut, improved, navigation, sony, corner, tape, supplies, usps, lock, model, drag, portal, bathroom, letters, plates, hallway, lowes, in, io, printer, bits, metal, electrical, propulsion, front doors, trimble, bell, certification, traditional, stereo, ups, flotation, chipped, server, oversize, painted, plate, black tipped, summer, nuke, library, sphere, laundry, oem, kb, nurse, stand, table, free-fall, side, Raytheon Corporation, restaurant, machine, wooden, lg, mini-dvd, transaction, auto, fees, mail, sign, office, cassette, posts, download, mb, logo, grain, petroleum, residence, oxygen, waste, cables, hollyweird, loft, lamp post, carburetor, dirt, equipment, antarctica, awning, steps, trash, wrench, coat, uranus, xeon, dish, coal, header, parents, heat, balustrade, inexpensive, keys, box, storage, stain, switch, head, ball, oil, auric, living room, magazines, brick, solar panel, 3/4", on, keyboard, or, canister, bolts, control, LED, alien resurrection, weyland, short block, structure, walnut, dinner table set, phoenix, radiation, bytes, earth, socket, fence, handles, rocker, saturn, salad, valves, rocket, paint, sketchup, trees, 350, cover, bank, dvd, freeze, scent, fire, bookcase, geosynchronous, orbit, alcohol, pointer, spray, tissues, old, module, tiger, decorative, seat, wires, bridge, components, shelter, Microwave, coat hanger, sun, serving, supports, tanks, operating, galaxy, pump, key, dirty, star, 39, texture, garage, closet, asphalt, snap-on, tb, transportation, pull, residential, fish, closed, NN-SN960S, lensatic, bus, commercial, tv, cognac, inside, horizontal, missile, military, wood, adhesive, up, us, sidewalk, sealed, sink, retarded, this, 1x6, nutshell, tube, corrogated, cooker, nuts, baluster, carpet, forces, drop, alloy, low poly, saucer, carcharodon, idea, snack, stained glass, privacy, recording, apple, kit, linux, screw, gas, bath, blinds, white death, mars, megalodon, tree house, bedroom, stone, money, stakes, Heavy-duty, mechanic, beyond, elevator, children, road, sci-fi, skiff, decoration, caged rocks, 99, slats, staples, isaac, nails, work, rice paper, goat, leather, push, books, fedex, breakfast, drivers, steel, internal, racing, air conditioning, range, tools, out, geo, patio, dinner chair, fall, flat, dark, eat, power, europa, maneater, cook, observation, leaf, planks, stink, filter, liquid, elements, center hub, magic, snail, depot, lamps, sound, drum, space, reference, aluminum-alloy, divers, html, blow, 1000 lbs, hanger, like, insulation, core, drapes, ground, slicks, us mail, concrete, eons, billet, mercury, winter, can, rust, filthy, paper, array, car, flex, station, track, nose, groups, wet suit, clothes, demolish, carrier, performance, round, 1200, granite, goldfinger, matallic construction, snap


That is definite abuse.

Usually by limiting the number of tags.

(Moved to Feature Request sub-category.)

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offending protractor Transparent protractor | 3D Warehouse


I’ll bump this to the warehouse team to make sure they’re aware of it as a system-level issue.

There’s also a “report abuse” link on the bottom-right corner of the model page for that user, feel free to use that to flag this particular model as an issue. I see that he’s done it for several of his models.



These are my models that are being addressed…
I’ll repost my response to a similar complaint.

“3D Models by Author ColdCanuck50 …ColdCanuck50 …39 CommentsJust a moment ago.
I found that it took almost as much time coming up with in-depth and relevant tags as it did to complete the model.
And while that sounds like it should be a nothing-thing, with the varied model types I focus on, it can involve some frustration. And unless I really messed up, every tag in that mass, are words that have come from my models, not a dictionary.
If it becomes a sore spot to people looking for models, or admins react unfavorably, then I’ll kibosh the whole thing and probably just stop with the search words/tags. It’s not worth the annoyance, as small as it may be.
I should probably take another look through the terms of service to make sure that I’m not guilty of some sort of infraction.”

Obviously, it is considered an infraction and will remove all tags that aren’t relevant or specific to each model.

Do you not understand the concept of Tags.

Could you explain to me why when searching for ‘Alien Resurrection’ i should be shown a model of your protractor.

I think everyone should use your tag list for every single model on the warehouse. This way every model is guaranteed to be included in every search.

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Two of my models are related to the “Alien” series of movies, so I saw it as relevant.
All of the words used in that word-set are relevant to the models that I have uploaded, it never occurred to me that a couple of folk would be so offended as to post here, but no problem…I’m deleting all the tag words until i can find the time to edit in only relevant search words for each model, fair enough?

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I would like to apologize for not approaching you privately first. It was not my intention to stir up trouble. Tags specific to the models are relevant. I believe you have (had) some very nice models and understandable would want to showcase them. It seems like I saw somewhere here where you could request to be a featured artist, might you consider that? Can anyone confirm? I haven’t noticed any new featured artists lately…


No apology necessary, if it’s considered an abuse of the system, then I simply won’t do it…I’d seen a few others do the same, without negative feedback and wrongfully assumed that it was acceptable.
Rather than have my models display likes and/or downloads that came from this abuse, I decided to delete, then re-upload the models, setting the counters back to zero.

Here’s a link to the person who gave me the idea:

Cheers, eh


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I was wondering if there is some sort of guideline that spells what may and may not be used for search tags? I am still seeing people using huge collections of on-topic, off-topic tags and words that are in multiple languages.

Is there a realistic limit to how many words may be used?

Besides being told that I was a moron, little was offered in the form of guidelines, or specifics.

Well, one thing you can do is turn in the models that use “huge collections” of tags. Use the report abuse link at the bottom of Warehouse model pages. There are a lot of models hosted on the Warehouse. And obviously there’s no automated way of monitoring tag usage. Human input is still needed.

In lieu of official guidelines, you can try the ‘reasonable person’ standards - ie, what would the reasonable person think how many tags are appropriate for a given model.