Submit your 3D Warehouse SketchUp models to be featured

Hey there fellow SketchUppers!

We had some major success and saw some awesome screen shots of what people are doing in SketchUp from the “Show me your SketchUp” thread. But alas, they are only screen shots and we wanted to bring it up a notch. This category is a place for people to self nominate their 3D Warehouse models to be featured on the 3D Warehouse home page under the “Featured Models” tab, as well as to just show off!

If you want to be considered please: Submit your model by pasting the 3D Viewer embed code from the model details page to this forum thread (see image below).

Please vote for your favorites by “liking” the model:

**Best Practices:** We encourage you to make sure your 3D Warehouse profile is up to date by:
  1. Enable commenting
  2. Have an updated profile
  3. Have a public profile

Just to be clear on this…Is the model file submitted when you click CLOSE?
Where do you paste your model’s 3D Warehouse url.?

Are participants supposed to copy the info and paste it back to the Gallery? I saw no instructions on how to submit for the express purpose of requesting consideration as a featured model and the process just seems incomplete when attempting to submit based on the information provided in this thread. (No confirmation that the submittal process is finished.)

Hey @jvleearchitects I am a little confused about why you are confused :wink:

All we ask is that folks upload their SketchUp model on 3D Warehouse and while doing so also explore some of the great profile features we have like: enabling commenting, and updating their profile. The next step then would be for folks to Embed their model here, in this thread. It will work as a gallery and submission thread. Models/submissions that acquire many “likes” may be featured on our 3D Warehouse homepage.


Oh ok, I got it now. Sorry for my confusion.

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<iframe src=“Embed Page | 3D Warehouse” frameborder=“0” scrolling=“no” marginheight=“0” marginwidth=“0” width=“580” height=“326” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Hi Lukas,
this thread is 4 years old! A lot happened since then and the campaign is possibly not active anymore.

An HTML embed code is meant to be used in an editor where you write HTML markup. In this forum, you write however Markdown markup (and forums filter out many HTML features for security reasons). It suffices to paste the raw link, like:

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Hi! As @Aerilius mentioned, this is a four year old effort. It was something that we were doing back when the warehouse was still developing.

I see, thank you

I have the following TWO Submittals for consideration:


Hi @ninoalva… As I mentioned last year, this is an old effort. Great looking models, though!