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Well, I see that Open Newer Version is only for Windows. I am running on a Mac Mini M1 so I guess it’s back to the keyboard. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has Mac M solution for opening newer versions of SU models in SU 2017 make? Or perhaps some hints on how to clean up Collada files for SU use.


What sort of components are you working with? Share one of your SketchUp file so we can see what you’ve got and give you some ideas for cleaning them up.

In the description of Eneroth Open Newer Version, the very first line, she tells you to go use legacy save instead.
She even provides a link. if you click on it you reach this :
It’s on mac and pc.

by the way, in your profile, on graphics card, you have an apple M1. it covers both CPU and GPU, since you can’t have a M1 CPU with anything else than a M1 GPU :wink:

Nab, Thanks for pointing that out!
I assumed Legacy Save is only to allow already open newer models to be saved in a legacy format. I have only SU2017 Make, so I cannot open newer models to save them to Legacy formats.

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding,
Will Legacy Save allow me to convert newer files prior to opening them in SU2017?
Or will Legacy Save allow me to open newer models in SU2017 then save to the 2017 format?

If so GREAT! I’m IN!

If not, then Legacy Save does not serve as a suitable alternate solution to Open Newer Version.


Thanks Dave, I’m still hoping to find a solution to accessing newer SU models. Failing that, I’ll be circling back.

it’s a bit confusing indeed.

no idea. haven’t put my hands on SU17 since… 2018 ?

I’d say… try. I agree the description makes me think of a saving tool, but as the standard save as already allows you to legacy save… on the other hand, in the original open newer version tool, when she selects a file, it immediately opens a "save in legacy mode " window so…


While I mentioned the Legacy Save, because I’ve not Make 2014 in quite some time, I forgot that there actually was two different extensions - there was also an extension to open newer versions in Make 2014, and it was the latter extension that I used. I had not actually used the Legacy Save…I’m not sure why now since it’s been so long. My apologies for any confusion.

Perhaps @eneroth3 will get a notification of this thread and will join the conversation to better explain how to use the Eneroth Legacy Save.

I’ve tried to install Legacy Save and another Conversion Extension but find I am also locked out of Extension Warehouse now. Must be related to other recent changes.

The good news is, I can still run my existing extensions and Twilight Rendering including all the editors so far.

Disappointing, but not a totally bad place to be stranded given my version is over six years old.

The subscription route really isn’t that dear, it’s just a matter of principal really. Like the future we likely face where automobile options like heated seats may soon require yearly subscriptions!

Sorry, just words from an old guy, who doesn’t need to work anymore, but still likes to tinker.

I will still enjoy modeling and rendering till the software breaks or I do!

Thanks all!

Use your web browser to access the Extension warehouse.

I have started using Save As from suforyou. It converts several .skp files to SketchUp 2017 at the same time.
s4u SaveAsSketchup - Google Drive
There is a Mac version

I believe legacy save notices when you open an old version file in a newer SketchUp version and then automatically offers to save it back to the old version.

Thanks for the suggestions guys.

You have all suggested several extensions that allow one to save to an Older version once you Open in a Newer version. That is not what I seek however. I seek the reverse! I only have an older version SU 2017 make, so I’m unable to open the Newer version in the first place much less save back.

After a thorough search, the only extension I could find that will allow an Older version of sketchup to open a Newer version file is “Open Newer Version” which is windows only. I’m running on a Mac M1.

So I’ve pivoted to using Collada files as an alternative for now.
I found some great tips for cleaning up Collada files right in Sketchup help.


SaveAs saves the model in an older version before you open it. I open SaveAs and convert the newer model to a 2017 model and then open it with my SketchUp 2017 Make


See more information here