SketchUp (mac version) Make

I have SketchUp Make version 17.3.2116 installed on my Mac. Is this the latest (last) version of SU Make?

It seems I can no longer import from the 3D Warehouse due to version differences.


I think that’s right.( Oops 2017 make that is. I don’t know the actual build model myself. ) You can always go to the warehouse via a browser.

Yes, that’s the build I have installed that I posted. I noticed that my download when in SU doesn’t work. When I go out to the warehouse web site I can download and get a message that my version is old and the 3D model can’t be opened/imported. Within SU when using the warehouse I don’t get that message.

I found a work around…I went to the current online version of SU and downloaded it as a 2017 version :slight_smile: and then imported it into my model.

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The 3D warehouse only supports the last 3 years of file version, it currently supports 21, 20 and 19. You can still download any model in the collada format and import that into SketchUp Make 17.