EWH models are loading under the old version, not 2022

The models are loaded under the old version. There is a version parameter in the GET request to load the model, so for version 2022 this is S21. I use on site models in the plugin and generate a separate download URL for each version.

Try load and check request

What we see


Version s21 not s22

Both SketchUp 2021 and 2022 use the same file so SU2021 will open a file created in 2022 with no problems. This is due to a change in the way SketchUp model files are structured. The change occurred with the release of 2021. See the Release Notes. Especially under New File Format API Accommodations

I know what you mean, but I have more of a problem as a plugin developer, it’s more about building a link to a file. It’s quite handy, in the plugin, to get the user’s version of the software through Ruby and build a link to download from the platform.

If the site team won’t fix it, then of course I will come up with some solution in the code to get around this issue.

I see. I’m not sure it’s a thing to fix without going back to the old file structure which would basically undo the benefits.

Thank you, so we will rewrite this part in the extension

I hope that works for you.

As time passes the 3D Warehouse will no longer need to create multiple versions of the SketchUp files for all the content. If they continue their “Current Minus Two” policy we should see 2019 version files drop off the list some time in the next few months and then next year, 2020 files would fall away. At that point they would only need a single file and wouldn’t need to differentiate versions at all. I don’t know how your plugin uses the version information but as far as components from the 3DWH are concerned, it won’t matter what version the user is working with.

Oh, that’s really useful information.
What I do now is simple, in the app I get the version of the app through the code Sketchup.version. And then I just collect the link to 3dwarhouse. All in all I like the idea, simple and beautiful. But if we come to a single link for all versions, of course that would be cool. The question remains, though, what % doesn’t go between versions.

Based on the way things have been going and IF the “Current Minus Two” policy is continued this year and next, users of SU2020 and older won’t be able to get content from the 3DWH without downloading the Collada version via their browser. Then I gather your plugin won’t have anything to do for those older versions. With the Subscription license I expect most users will upgrade to the new version soon after release. There’ll likely be some hold-outs who will stick with a version even though they’ve maintained their subscription. There are possibly some users with a Classic license using SU2021 too.