Availabilty of versions (year) when downloading models

Hey all, for the last couple of days i have been working on some projects with friends and in the office as well and every time i needed help from the 3D Warehouse i was able to download a wide range of models from which i could open in several version (2014-2019). Yesterday when i started searching for some more models i realized that I’m now only able to dowload models from 2018-2019 version. It happened from one moment to the other cuz previous morning i was seeing a wider variety of the very same models… Any particular reason for the sudden changes in the 3D Warehouse?

Thanks in advanced, Enne

3D Warehouse used to provide many older file versions, but since older software versions are not used anymore, they were not downloaded anymore. For quite a long time, they offer only the most recent file versions. I can download versions 2017, 2018, 2019.

Have you ever wondered how it can be that you upload 1 file and can download multiple file formats? 3DWarehouse converts files, which takes a couple of minutes or hours (depending on how many newly uploaded models are in the pipeline). This may be a reason why on some models you don’t see all versions.

If you really must use an old version of the SketchUp application, you have to convert the newer files to older files on your own, either by installing a newer version of SketchUp (where you open the file and down-save it), or by installing this extension in your old version of SketchUp.

Hey thanks a lot for your answer, im installing and testing that extension now… I didnt know it even existed, but that would have saved me lot of troubles in the past, thank you very much.