Identify SketchUp version of models before download?

Is there a way in 3D Warehouse to identify which SketchUp version a model was created in before downloading it?

I frequently need to work offline, so I’ll be staying with SU2017. I just downloaded a model and when I tried to open it I got a message that I have version 17.2.2555 but need version 18.0.0. Had I been able to see in the Warehouse that this model was unusable, I wouldn’t have downloaded it. This isn’t meant to be sour grapes, it’s simply if I’m on the road and using my hotspot, I would not wish to be eating my data allowance with unusable models.

Thank you.

If you pay attention when you are downloading from the Warehouse using your browser, you can download the version of the file that you can open.

If you access the 3D Warehouse directly in SketchUp 2017, you’ll automatically get the right version.

Either way, it doesn’t matter which version of SketchUp was used to create the file. The 3D Warehouse automatically creates several versions for different versions of SketchUp.


You have to always open the preview to get this. I’m sticking with 2017, too, and have found that you will now ALWAYS get the 2018 file when downloading from the search page grid of thumbnails. There are a few exceptions where the latest file is 2015, but you can’t tell that from the thumbnail; you have to open the preview. And, as Eneroth suggested to me recently, open it in a new tab or window to not lose your place in the seach queue.

Good point. If you’re in the browser, we don’t know what version you’re running so we give you the 2018 version. In SketchUp, we know, so we give you the right version. To avoid this, click on the model instead of the download button on the search page, and you’ll go to the model details page, and be able to choose the version from there. I’ll file a feature request to add a “preferred SketchUp download version in a browser” variable to your profile, or some such thing.

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That would be wonderful, Barry! It would same so much time. Thanks for thinking of it and making the request.

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