Downconvert SKP from recent versions to older ones

Hi all,

I am running Sketchup v2014 because it is the most recent version that will run on my computer. I was wondering where to download a converter so I may be able to read an skp file from a more recent version. I don’t care about losing features from the newer format.

Thank You!

Hi @Old_Faithful ,
You can upload the file to 3D Warehouse , then download your v2014


with the end of support for MS Windows Vista at 11.04.2017 and in context of e.g. ‘WannaCry’ you should maybe evaluate of upragding to Windows 7 which would enable you to use the latest SU version and is btw less ressources demanding than lame Vista too.

Thank you, it worked beautifully. Hopefully Trimble will eventually see the wisdom of making the converter available FOR OFFLINE USE, just like Microsoft does for its miscellaneous .*x formats, instead of cluttering up bandwidth unnecessarily.

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for one day. Show him how to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life”

with the recent trend of being permanently online using emerging cloud services as e.g. via high-speed internet connections (FTTH) this is probably not very likely to happen.

I’m probably just another holdover from the bygone era of the Personal Computer Revolution that actually Empowered People by giving full control of Computers to Users, having lived through the frustrations of the previous incarnation of this abomination (Cloud Services used to be called Time Sharing back then), so let me express my doubts at the wisdom of the Software as Slavery model.

Look, I understand that in a tightly integrated Corporate Environment it’s probably convenient to be plugged into the Matrix and follow whatever orders come from the top, but if you believe in a collaborative model where every person contributes in his or her own way, not having the freedom to access the tools you need in your language of choice because someone in The Hierarchy said you shouldn’t is just plain absurd.

I’d rather learn Chinese than be told at the door of the Forbidden City to wait for an interpreter while some official looks over what I have to say.

But hey, I’ve been self employed since I was 19 and have been using computers since the days of Punched Cards and Fanfold Paper, gaining my Freedom by way of the Cassette Drive, Peek and Poke, so what do I know :wink:

I neither saied that this is good/better nor that I like it but that it is not very likely to happen.

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