Are Sketchup Pro files interchangeable with Sketchup Free files?

I use SU Pro and save my files to Dropbox so I can access them anywhere that has SU Make. In the past, I have used SU Make to open and edit existing files as well as create new files when I’m not on my personal computer. Now that SU Free is out, I can no longer do this. Does anyone know if there is a way around this? This is frustrating and problematic in being able to work other places besides my own computer. Thanks for any insight you might have.

Why not. SU2018 file will open in SketchUp Free just fine. And you can save out of SketchUp Free and open in SU2018 Pro. Save your SU files to Trimble Connect and you can access them from any computer connected to the Internet whether you are using SU2018 Pro or SketchUp Free.

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Thank you for responding so quickly. I figured out how to open a SU Pro file in SU Free but if I have SU Pro open, how do I open the SU Free files? Not sure where to find the Trimble Connect files from SU Pro. Maybe I am making this more complicated than it needs to be.

You can access Trimble Connect through the File menu in SU2018 Pro.

You can also click on the file folder icon in SketchUp Free and download the current SKP file to the computer you are using if you want to do that.

Where do I find the Trimble Connect files from SU2018 Pro?

I’m not sure what you’re asking. You can save your SKP files from SU2018 to your Trimble Connect cloud storage by clicking on Trimble Connect and choosing Publish Model.

You can open files you’ve saved to your Trimble Connect account by clicking on Open Model…

You can access those same files if you sign in on SketchUp Free you can also access files in your Trimble Account folder.

Thank you for the visual. I was going to File/Open and then looking for Trimble Connect. I didn’t look further down the File menu. Thank you for your help.

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