Missing model files

New to the message board but been a user of SketchUp free for a long time.

Problem is yesterday I was working away on a model. Everything seemed fine. Saved, etc. In my Trimble Connect project library it was one of about 15 different models I had saved.

Today I went to work on the model. Logged in, same email, same password. Only one model in my project library, and not the most recent one I worked on.
I looked around, logged out, logged in again. Changed password etc. Nothing. I am still only seeing one file saved.

This happened a few months ago too… I logged in after not using SketchUp for a while and none of my previous models were there. I created a new one I needed to work on and saved. Logged in again a week or so later and all my previous models were back in the project folder.

Can someone help me understand what is going on and where my model files are?


I can only recommend that you start downloading skp files to your computers hard drive. I make a folder with the name of the model and save the skp there. You can also put screen shots of your model’s scenes in the same folder. That’s what I do. So the Timble library is a back up that I look at from time to time but the skp is another back up. I can easily open up the skp if I need to do it.

Are you only looking in the Home screen area? That shows recent files, and some things could happen to clear that out. What happens if you choose Trimble Connect from the left of the home page, do you see your projects, and models in the projects?

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No, I have also clicked Trimble Connect.

I have tried this multiple times today and the only project I see is the single one I first mentionned. None of my others show. I have clicked on all the different servers and nothing changes.

Not saying it’s impossible that your files went missing, although I have never heard of it, but so so so many times this has come up the user in fact has two accounts and is logging in with slightly different credentials.

I looked at your entitlements for the email address you use in the forum. That one shows you have used the free web version since October 2023. If any of the models you are missing are older than that date, they were made with a different account.

If the models are all made since October, I can ask one of the Trimble Connect admins to try to find out where they went to.

I have two different email addresses I use for various things in life.
I have used both to log-in to my Trimble account, and both take me to the same home page with the same single model.
What is missing are models I made before Oct. 2023, but also many that I have made after Oct. 2023.
Neither email address or login will take me to a home page that has all my models.

What I don’t understand is on Monday March 11 I was logged in doing work. Shut down for the day. Went back Tuesday March 12 and this problem started - my models are gone.
I did not change my account overnight Monday and I did not use a different email to login between the two days, yet, the models are gone.

Hi Colin.

I’m following up again on your comment that you can ask a Trimble Connect admin to help find my missing models.

I am missing at least three that I can think of that I have worked on in the last 2-3 weeks.
And as I said, on monday March. 11 I was working on one of them and the rest (along with many others) were available to open from the server location. When I logged in Tuesday they were all gone - the only one I saw available to open from the server was something I had not worked on since Oct. 2023.


I found out the people who can help take their requests from the support list. Can you fill in this form as best you can, giving the account details for where the models are missing?:


I passed on your details to support, and they will be watching out for a message from you.

I have same problem, my sketchup model, made in online version, is gone. I checked if my email is correct, trimble connect also, I can not find it anywhere. Where it can be? And what can I do? Last time I edited that model was March 4th.

Thank you for this. I was looking for a link like that but couldn’t find it.
Message has been sent.

I don’t think saved or uploaded files are deleted permanently in Trimble Connect, but, there must be an initial save.
Even deliberately deleted files can be retrieved through the activities in Trimble Connect, check the activities for tour SketchUp project in connect.trimble.com

Might be that you must select the proper pod (North America/Europe/Asia/Australia) in order to see the Project called ‘SketchUp’