Lost my model

I started using sketchup free a few months ago. I made a bookmark in my google chrome to go to sketchup.

A few week ago the bookmark didn’t open my sketchup anymore and I was asked to login. I think the icon of sketchup has changed so probably there was an update.

Unfortunately I was not sure which email address i used to create the account. There are two options and i tried them both but it did not lead me to the model i created. I know the name of the model.

Probably it is a difficult question to solve but i spent quite some time creating the model so it would be great if i could find the model again.

Check in Trimble Connect.

Do you recall if your original login was done via the option to use an Apple-obfuscated address? Perhaps @colin can help identify possible accounts.

I see someone started a free account on Feb 7th, could that have been you? That was with an email address that is more like first.last@gmail.com. Do you have that email as well?

Hi Colin,
Thats sound good.

first.last@gmail.com is possible, starts with a J…
I am looking for the model “ke…”. It is a house.

Actually, there are two models, on 1 used for training and the other one which is the model I am looking for.

If you need more details plaase let me know.
Thanks for your help!