Models disappeared, need help

I have been working on a few models on Sketchup web free. Yesterday I got back on Sketchup and all the models dissappeared. It says Start Modeling (start new).
I am sure it is the right account, and I also tried changing the Trimble Connect setting (Europe).

I would be really sad when my models are gone… Please help!

How are you sure? In almost every case of “all files disappearing” it turns out the user is signed in with a different ID than the one they made the files under. Is there any other email you might have used?

I see that yesterday you started a new account with the email you use in the forum. On October 3rd you created one using your hotmail address. Try signing in with the hotmail address, and the models you made in the last 10 days should show up.


I am so sorry! You are right! I surprisingly used an other account without knowing. On that computer I never use my hotmailaccount…

Thank you very much!!!

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