Files gone!

So I am trying out free Sketchup. I saved several files over the past 3 days. Today they were not there. This is not good. I spent all day yesterday on one file modeling a real project.

Who do you contact to get files back?

Try clearing your browser’s caches and sign in again with your Trimble Connect account.

Do you mean a project for your work?

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I did that and still do not see the files. I was actually liking the product, but will go try out Blender now.

So you’re giving up already? I’m sure the files weren’t deleted.

Where are they? There is no contact info to get help for the free version. I am trying this out to see if I want to buy it. Deleting my files does not really encourage a purchase.

Your files weren’t deleted.

@colin, can you look into this?

Another possibility is that you are logged into a different account than the one under which you made the models. We see this often that the person has actually two accounts, or is using google ID for one and Trimble ID for another so it appears that the files are not there because you are logged in as a different person.
I’m confident your files were not deleted, Colin can sort you out.

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is the url that logs me in from either the sketchup or trimble starting page. I have not used my google account. Both show no files. I had a couple of practice files and one that models a real project. The files may be there somewhere in the sketchup cloud, but it does me no good if there is a thunderstorm preventing me form using them.
I did save a file to my HD the other day, but the Sketchup 2017 version (locally installed) won’t open it.

That’s probably because the web saved it as a newer version file than 2017 understands. You could try eneroth3’s open newer version extension.

Open an ingonito tab,
Go to
Log in, select all projects or switching the server location (Europe,America or Asia)

My files have reappeared, but the icon was some generic thing. I am going to save them locally from now on. Disk space is not an issue. Disk space used to be very expensive (back in the XT days), compared to today’s standards. I don’t know what the issue was or how it was resolved. But I will say Sketchup is much easier than Blender.
The hardest part of Sketchup was the click and drag that you use for most other graphics programs (photoshop, GIMP, InkScape, etc). Sketchup does not use that process. Sketchup has the click, let up on the mouse key, move and then click again. That seems that it would work well with my pen tool.
I have not yet tried this with my pen tool, so I don’t know how easy the orbit, pan & zoom will be with that because the pen does not really have a 3rd mouse wheel.

Almost all SketchUp experts agree that although other devices can be made to work, by far the best choice for SketchUp is a 3-button mouse with center scroll/click wheel. It works with the web version as well as the desktop.

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I had looked into it already, but couldn’t figure out what email to look up.

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So if the OP would supply his email address (es) to you in a PM, you could probably sort it out?

The files did come back - apparently for some unknown reason.

It does not give me a warm fuzzy feeling.

I do actually like Sketchup

Well, they weren’t removed and magically put back. Typically it’s due to a user sign-in issue. Depending on how you plan to use SketchUp, you should probably be looking at Shop or Pro. If you need the capabilities of Pro, it would make sense to download and use the 30-day trial. The user interface is enough different between the web version and Pro that you’ll want to be looking at the version you’d use in the end.

I had exactly this problem. My account was logging automatically when I opened sketch-up from my favourites bar. Then one day I was prompted to log in which I did but, from memory, I had to use a trimble login not my google account and suddenly I had no files . . and sketchup auto-logged in to that every time I launched it from then on showing me no files . . I just manually logged out and logged in using Google credentials and all my files are back . . It would be nice if both log-ins pointed to the same account . .keep well everybody

If you use your Google ID as the email address for Trimble ID, and you haven’t done that before, you can set a password for Trimble ID. Once you can sign into Trimble ID with that email address, the models should be the same either way.

Signing in with a different Trimble ID email that also happens to be you, won’t show your Google sign in models.

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