Had some important product files on SketchUp web, now they are gone…

Checked Trimble Connect, Account Activity etc.

2 or 3 of the files are missing with one remaining.

Anyone here that can help?


What does this mean?

Make sure you are signed in with the same e-mail address and password used to create the files in the first place. Nearly always when a user reports missing files, it is because they aren’t using the same login details as they used when they made the files.

Some important product files. Edited. I only have one email that I use SketchUp with

Maybe @colin can look up your account. In the meantime, try signing out of Trimble Connect, clearing internet caches and signing in again.

That implies some sort of business use and SketchUp Free would be inappropriate for that.

No it doesn’t, they are product prototypes that I am working on. SketchUp web is easy to use for quick design and export for the plasma table I’m using. If I planned on using the files for business I would buy a license

I don’t think you have a very common name, and yet we have three accounts with your name. One was started in April 2018, with a phrd.ab.ca email. Then another with your Outlook email in July 2018. And today another account, with a pembinahills.ca address.

Do either of those other two sound familiar?

Yes, my apologies, my main account is the Outlook email. I believe my models are in the phrd.ab.ca account, but that domain was transferred to pembinahills.ca which was never used.

Is there any way you could merge the PHRD account with my main Outlook account? Since I can’t access PHRD anymore. Alternatively access to those files would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Signing in to Trimble Connect or the web SketchUp don’t need you to have access to the email system. You only need to know the password for that particular email address. You could sign in with PHRD and then download the models you want to keep, and upload them to the Outlook account.

If you had uploaded the models to 3D Warehouse I could merge accounts, but I can’t do that with Trimble Connect files. I’m not sure if colleagues can, but I can check.

In the meantime, try signing in with the PHRD email.

They always say that right before Colin lists all their different account names.


Thanks, that worked. All is good

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