Help! All my projects are suddenly gone

I logged on to SketchUp Free just now, and suddenly all my projects, that I have spent maybe 30-50 hours working on, are gone. I have checked that the account is the right one (using gmail).

Also it seems that it does recognize my three projects initially since it shows a glimpse of three images when I log on, as if it has detected something, but then in a millisecond it removes the project-“gallery” and treats me as if I’m new and have no current projects with the sign: Welcome to SketchUp! start modelling

What to do?


Same thing has happened to me! When I select Open | Trimble Connect, I get an error message that says: “We were unable to retrieve your data, please select “Retry” below to try again.”

Trimble Connect was down for scheduled maintenance but the maintenance is complete. You should find your models aren’t actually gone.