Where are my projects?

Hi there,

I’m new to the forum…please be kind.
I’ve been modelling on Sketchup Free for many months and having returned from holiday I’ve tried to login in and open my projects and whilst I can login, my projects have disappeared!!

It looks like they try to show…my 4 projects appear as squares with rotating loading rings…

but then it changes and I get the standard “Start Modelling” screen…

Can anyone please help?


What I would do:
Try to restart your browser (or the whole computer). When you are launching your browser again try to avoid opening other hundreds of pages.
Navigate to app.sketchup.com and check if it is loading.
If not, click on the Profile icon (Top right corner: Red circle with A) make sure you are signed in with the same email address that you used for many months before.
If it is right (or not) you can try to sign out and sign in back again…

The ‘projects’ are actually called models. The thumbnails or shortcuts of the last opened one might have been scrambled while you where on holiday.
Click on the Trimble Connect icon on the left and see what models you have under your Projects (probably called ‘SketchUp ‘)

There is a known issue which can disrupt Recent Files when you log in with two different accounts on the same browser. Is it possible that your models are saved in another account? Also be sure to check Trimble Connect on the lefthand side. You models might be there but not showing up in Recent Files.

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