My projects were gone?!

All of my works stored in SketchUp is gone when I opened it just now… It includes one of my ongoing project due tmr, on which I have spent >30 hr… Anybody know what’s going on? Anybody can help?

Are you using the server where you saved them? Try checking the server location:

Screenshot 2024-04-02 233753

I tried and the result is here. My server is in Asia, and I actually cannot open any of them here.

Oh just to add some more info: some of my classmates have also met this problem just now.

The problem has been reported here a couple of times today.

You could monitor here: Trimble Connect Status

I don’t see anything with a quick look.

Hi, I seeing the same problem!

I have ongoing models which were last edited within the last few weeks…

12 years worth of models just disappeared!?

I like that character and I also had the issue at that time. I asked the support team and they asked me to do the following steps. I hope this would be helpful.

  1. Can you sign out of the SketchUp Pro application? Go to Help > Sign Out.
  2. Close SketchUp completely (If you are on a Mac, please be sure
    to go to your Dock and right click on SketchUp and LayOut and select e
    ither Quit or Force Quit. This step not being followed will cause this
    fix to fail, so please be sure you are closing SketchUp!)
  3. Reopen SketchUp
  4. Sign back in and see if this resolves the issue.