Download my model from sketchup free web

Hi, I created a model in the free web version and now I am trying to get it into sketchup make. When I try to import the model through Trimble Connect I get this response:

The file was created in a newer version of SketchUp.
You have version 17.2.2555.
You need version 19.0.0.
Please visit to get the latest version.

It is just a silly model, but took me about 2 hours to design and I was hoping to continue to work on it when I am not on the internet. Anyway, I am assuming that there is no free version that will do what I need it to. But if there is a workaround please let me know. Thanks everyone!

If you use the Download button you get the option to save in three versions, including 2017.

I have looked everywhere but I cannot see a download button on the free web sketchup

Download model from SketchUp Free (web)


Oh good grief that was so simple. Thank you, thank you!

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