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Problem downloading a free web model to my computer. Have sketchup free 2017 on my computer. When I try to download a model file, sketchup asks for version. If I enter 2017, the 2017 version opens and I can save the file. But the 2017 version is going away when I get a new computer. How to save a 2021 free web version model on my computer before I change it out for a new computer.

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Your problem is quite unclear,
Why do you say the 2017 free version will go away when you’ll get a new computer ? You’ll still have the possibility to install it on your new computer.
Where do you download your model files, from 3d warehouse or sketchup for web ?

It doesn’t matter. SketchUp 2021 will open SketchUp 2017 files.

Please don’t double post. This is the second thread you started on the topic.

OK. Let me modify that. I want to download a model created in free web sketchup. When I try to do that, it asks for a version. I have 2017 on my computer but I want to save it as a 2021 file. However, as soon as I try to download it with the 2021 option, I get a message saying I don’t have 2021 on my computer. If I remove my 2017 application on my computer, will it down a 2021 version as simply a file?

You can try that. My question still stands, though. Why does it matter what version the downloaded file is? If you install SketchUp 2021 you will be able to open a SketchUp 2017 file with it. If you were to download a 2021 file, though, you will not be able to open it in SketchUp 2017.

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I don’t want to download it as a 2017 file but rather a 2021 file. When I have the model in the web version and I click the Download option, Sketchup asks for the version I want the download to be in. The sketchup Help Center document entitled “Saving, Opening, and Downloading Models” says " select the “Download” command. You’ll be prompted to choose an SKP version to download. If you plan to re-upload your model to Sketchup for the Web, you can use any version." Note: “ANY VERSION”. If I indicate version 2017, sketchup opens 2017 on my computer, shows me the model and I have to save it to my computer as a 2017 file. If I don’t select the 2017 option but rather the 2021 version, Sketchup responds that I can’t download the file because I don’t have the 2021version on my computer.

Install 2021 on your computer and then you can download it as a 2021 file. You still haven’t said what you expect to get that you don’t get with the 2017 file.

I thought that the 2017 version was no longer available and you have clarified that for me. Thanks. A 2021 download would require a purchase and I do not want to do that at this point. Thanks for your clarifications and patience.

For your hobby work that’ll work fine

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