Problem Downloading a Model to my Computer

I’m using free sketchup for the web. I have a model and want to save to my computer. The Sketchup Help instructions say that I can indicate any version. If I select the 2017 free version, which is downloaded on my computer, the 2017 version opens and shows the model and then I must click “file” and save on my computer. However, if I click “version 2021” as indicated in the saving instructions listed for Sketchup web free, my computer responds that this version is not available on my computer and does not save it to the computer. How can I save a 2021 version to my computer?

You should be able to download the V2021 version to your computer with no problem but you won’t be able to open it in an older version like 2017 Make. You would need to have SketchUp 2021 installed.

What benefit would there be to you to download the 2021 version of the file?