Trying to download a Sketchup for Web file onto my computer. So confusing

With the web-connected file open on my desktop the simplest, and therefore the far more desirable option, appears to be right clicking on the “open model/preferences” little three line icon at the far upper left of the screen, then right clicking “download model” in the choices. A window appears asking which version you would like to download it as, 17, 18, 19, or 2020, I choose 2020 and click ok. That’s it. The little “busy” rotating circle icon appears for about one second…then nothing. There’s no option to download to a specific folder. And there is no instruction as to where the file actually downloaded to. I can find it nowwhere on my PC. It is not in Sketchup 2020 files, it is not in downloads, it is not in documents or anywhere else.
Another option mentioned online is, again, “simply” to open the Sketchup for Web file in a window, Sketchup 2020 PRO, in another window, and drag/drop the file to PRO. Nothing in the free/web version allows me to do this. I cannot “grab” the screen, file name, or anything else to drag/drop.

Please help? I could probably download it to sketchup 3d warehouse and access it from there, but I’d rather just do a direct-to-laptop download.

Your profile state you are using Sketchup Pro 2018. The version you have cannot open a file for any version newer. You need to select 2018 as the version to download.

Sounds like he’s using SketchUp for Web and wants to download his current model so he can then work on it using SketchUp Pro 2018, but is having issues with the download not actually happening.

What browser are you using? Try a different one. You should get a prompt as to where to save. I just tried it with Firefox, no issues.

I have not updated my profile. Sorry. Using sketchup 2020 pro. On google chrome. Ill try firefox?

It’s probably worth having a look at your download settings in Chrome, to find out where the files are going.

Click on the 3 dots at the top right of the browser window, then Settings from that drop-down menu. Navigate to Advanced and then Downloads.

You can see the default download location, possibly where the SKP files are, and change it if you like. You can also add the setting to save to a chosen place every time you download, too.

I navigated those directions and it was not in Downloads. It turns out to be Chrome browser, at least on this PC. Opening the sketchup for web file in MS Edge browser and selecting “download” I was finally offered the option at the bottom of the screen to run or save it, and where I wished to save it. Simple.

Odd. I’ve found Chrome to more capable than Firefox (haven’t used Edge much but it’s the only thing installed on this pc at the moment so I just tried it before downloading Firefox).

Thanks very much for the input here y’all.

Maybe it was offscreen due to zooming the browser…
Ctrl + 0 would reset the screen.