Importing models into SketchUp Free

Just want to confirm that I am not overlooking the obvious, but I do not see any way to import models into SketchUp Free / Web?

I have been working in SU Pro 2015 and SketchUp Make 2017, which both have support for import. Since Make 2017 is going to be deprecated soon, I was hoping to see that SU Free would have added this critical functionality by now. I am surprised that I am not finding forum post about the absence of this feature. Am I missing something?


Did you try Insert from the File menu (file icon)?

Otherwise you can use Open and upload the file from your computer to your Trimble Connect account.

FWIW, although SketchUp 2017 Make is the last Make version, there’s no need to be concerned about using it. It’ll still work for a very long time. There are many thousands of SketchUp users still using versions earlier than 2017.

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Thanks for the help @DaveR! That gave me the info I needed.


… and yes, as you mentioned, the trimble connect allows me to load .skp files out of Make 2107.

I had received a notification about the 3D Warehouse Browser functionality breaking with future updates so I am speculating about future Make deprecation, though I hope your thought about it is right!

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You asked about inserting models. That implies SketchUp models. You can do that with SketchUp Free by clicking on “Your Computer” if the model is located there, or Trimble Connect if you’ve already uploaded it.

If you need to import those other file types that you’ve circled, you would need to upgrade to SketchUp Shop. For your hobby use, you probably don’t need those other file types anyway and SketchUp Free will suffice.

In my case, I am importing WebGL models that have been exported out of 3DS Max. Since that requires an extension for that process Free won’t get me across the finish line.

Thanks again for your help!

Ah… You didn’t specify that in your first post. And you’re right, then. SketchUp Free isn’t the tool for the job.

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