Why does Sketchup give contradictory on-screen feedback?


In this animation I am attempting to take the viewer through a doorway and into a room where a picture is seen to swing on a wall; it doesn’t work. I recall having problems attempting this a few years ago, although I can no longer remember what I screwed up! Thing is, the mini-screen’ on the far right shows the animation running exactly as I want it to, so what is going on here?

the thumbnails of your scenes (mini-screen) have been created when you;
Opened the door
Swung the frametothe left
Swung the frameback

Scenes do not remember were geometry is, or how it is painted, rotated or scaled.
These actions alter the model, scenes just remember the camera position and some style effects.
One important thing that scenes remember the state of Layers: visible or not.

You have to create layers and copy some geometry (Frame and Door)
Then assign the copies and original to apropiate layers and switch them on or off accordingly.
If the states are to your liking, update the scene.

Thanks Mike

Don’t think I will ever get into the mindset of the Sketchup software developers! To my mind, if it can show the thing properly on a small screen why the H*ll can’t it do it in the main animation! Layers I find even more weird and counter-intuitive. Think I’ll just leave the door scene out!

have a look at the layers in attached model…


Thanks for doing that for me. Unfortunately, it is in a later version of Sketchup than the one I have, so I cannot open it. Yes, I suppose I could update but I have a valuable files that I have been working on for months that I am not prepared to risk if Sketchup throws one of its inexplicable wobblies. I’m thinking of that old staple: ‘bug splat’ as just one example!!

Open my.sketchup.com and drag the file in the model window
Then, download via the file menu:

If you would update your forum profile with the SketchUp version you use, members can backsave examples accordingly.

Multiple SketchUp versions can safely coexist on the same machine. (I have 4 versions installed on mine.) There are also some free backsave extensions available that let you save as a certain version if say you want your models always available in v2017.

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I get where you’re coming from. For myself, the priority is just to get this thing finished. In the final analysis it’ll wind up in some screen recorded format or other, most of which feature editing tools that allow hapless bunglers (such as myself) to cut the video into shorter and more manageable ‘chunks’. I know it’s not the ‘sketchup way’, but I have neither the time, skills nor ‘digital empathy’ to keep banging away at something that, even after several years, still won’t intuitively click with me. I’ll put the completed ‘video’ on here when it gets done. Granted it may arrive c/o flying pig!!

But now, your time is controlled by it…

Though the SketchUp way is always called ‘intuitive’, it is not for everyone the same. (Luckily)
Maybe you are better off with other software or

no software at all?

You can outsource certain things to focus more on what you are good at and spent your valuable time on that.

Download the file in my last post.
Open my.sketchup.com and in the hamburger menu on the topleft, open Trimble Connect to add the model.
Drag the downloaded file in place and open it:

Then, save back to version 2017:

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Totally not related to the OP, but thanks for putting this up Mike. Appreciate it. :+1:

You’ve read me like a book old chap. ‘Word-processed’ by hand, in large wax crayon, of course!