Scenes not changing. Stays on last scene

This is my first post.

It does not matter how many scenes I have; only the last created scene is displayed. If I change the scenes in the Default Tray --> Scenes Icons or with the scenes Tabs in the upper left corner; nothing happens. The last scene is shown. I can see on the scenes icons that they are different scenes. This also means that animations doesn’t work.
I am a long time Sketchup user; never happened before. Have same problem on different computers.

Can someone tell me how to solve this problem?

As you are seeing this on different computers, it seems likely it is something in the file itself. Can you share the model here so people can look?

The same on all computers that I installed sketchup make 2017 (3 computers). They are desktops running win 8 or win10.
I do not have a model. Was testing animation with maximum of 3 scenes.

@slbaumgartner means for you to share the SketchUp file itself so he can inspect it for you, does not matter if there is not a model inside and only animation scenes.

I don’t understand. If there is no model, i.e. no content, what are you expecting the animation to show?

scenesNotChanging.skp (89.5 KB)

Sorry if am doing something wrong. My first post.

You can’t just move geometry to make a new scene.
Scenes are camera positions, so you move the camera to create a different view. To move geometry within scenes you need to make copies of the geometry and make it visible in the relevant scene and invisible in the others. That’s one area where layers come in.

Edit: Here you go, look at the scenes and layer.
scenesNotChangingBox.skp (84.3 KB)

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The three scenes in that model are identical. When I play the animation, SketchUp cycles through them on my Mac, but as there is no variation between them the only clue it is happening is that the highlight on the scene tabs moves across.

That’s it. My mistake. And I did animation many times before (in the past)
Thanks guys. Appreciated.

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