I'm trying to animate scenes but not working

I’ve created 4 scenes and now want to animate them. The thumbnail shows they have changed, but when I click on the actual scene it does not change and when I animate, it does nothing. I’m new to Sketchup…what am I doing wrong?

This means you need to Update the scene.
If you switch scenes without updating, your changes will be lost.

It does animate, but may not find anything visible to animate.
Scene animation can be more than just camera position and orientation.
It can also animate between section plane settings, material settings and object visibility.

from the SketchUp User Guide …

I did update the scenes. The thumbnails show the correct scenes, but animation does not work

Is each scene set as “Include in animation” in the details subpanel of the Scenes Manager panel ?


Secondly, is the model’s global Scene Transitions property enabled ?

See the Animation panel of the Model Info dialog …


Be sure also that the modelwide time settings for transitions and delay are want you wish.
(Ie, a transition of 0 is meaningless.)

Yup, those setting you displayed are the exact settings I was using and still nothing

Try saving the model, and restarting SketchUp ?

When you installed, did you right-click the installer exe file and choose “Run as administrator” ?
(IF not, close SketchUp and do so again, this time choose the Repair option.)

If you still cannot get animations to work, please purge your model, and post it so a sage can look at it.

I ended up doing a work around and rendered my Sketchup model out to Photoshop, created my animation in frames in Photoshop and exported out to a gif. Sketchup wasn’t cooperating with me today and need to get this file out