Scenes not saving

I have saved 10 scenes from a drawing I have done. When I view the thumbnails in the ‘Scenes Tray’ I can see that it has saved each one as created, but when I ‘Play’ the animation it just shows the one scene for everything i.e. it highlights each of the scene tabs at the top of the screen but displays only one of those scenes. I have also tried exporting and now have a 1 minute movie of the one fixed image…

I have SketchUp Make V2017 on Windows 7 64-bit

Check if the camera property is saved for the scenes.

Yes it is. Looking at a few more experiments i have done, it appears that moving the view is the only thing that is being saved (ALL the items in the save list are ticked).
If I move between scenes then the movement is saved but anything I do in the drawing doesn’t record.
To explain, I have an item built from several ‘grouped’ sub-assemblies. I want to start with the sub-assemblies all ‘apart’ and then one-by-one being assembled.
I did this by taking my finished drawing and ‘exploding’ it in reverse order. Then taking a ‘Add Scene’ between each stage I ‘undid’ the explosion to get a rebuild of the finished product. So even though I am selecting ‘save scene’ (with everything enabled) it is only recording the camera angle changes and is keeping the ‘object’ the same in all scenes…
Unless I have a bugged program, I am obviously ‘doing it wrong’. Is there a tutorial (or better still a video) that shows how to crate “an assembly” of a product such as a flat-pack table for example?

Oh, a scene isn’t like a separate sheet in e.g. Excel. it is just a view (a camera, a style, layer visibility etc). The underlying model is the same and the changes made to a model remain regardless of what scene is viewed. The name “View” would probably better explain this feature than the name “Scene”.

To show different stages of an assembly in different scenes you can wrap each step into a group, apply a unique layer to each group and create scenes that hide the layers for the other steps.

I think there is also a plugin that physically modifies the model by moving objects between scenes, but that wont work in LayOut or if the model is opened on a computer without that specific plugin.

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