Scenes not saving correctly


Im using Sketchup Pro 2018.
Im trying to create a few different scenes in my model. The scenes dont seem to save correctly.
The scene i save is correct in the thumbnail image but does not open to the scene I saved. It it like this with every scene I create. Im getting the same results in other models too.
Am I missing something simple or is it possible for my Sketchup version to have a bug?


Most likely. Check to you see if the “Properties to save” boxes are all ticked. Is it style related changes you’ve made that aren’t saving? If so, have you disabled the warning that alerts you to a changed but not updated style when creating or updating scenes?

Share the SKP file so we can help you identify exactly what it is.


Here is a test file. This problem is happening on any file, old or new. I also noticed that when I add my first scene, the (Scene 1) tab looks greyed out until you add a second scene.
This doesnt seem to happen on any videos I could find about scenes. I could take a video of this if it helps.
ThanksSCENE TEST.skp (24.9 KB)


A quick question, as I’m not seeing any immediate issues with your model, how are you accessing the scenes?
The tabs at the top of the screen only require one click, but the thumbnails in the scene dialog need to be double clicked to change scene.

Here I have added some scenes, do they work for you?
SCENE TESTBox.skp (32.1 KB)


I don’t see any issues after adding additional scenes. Maybe you need to be more specific about what you are seeing.


I downloaded the SCENE TESTBox file and it worked perfect. When I tried to add a 4th scene all the scenes started showing the wrong view that the thumbnail image shows.
I dont know how to explain it anymore. I tried to upload a video but the forum wont let me.
Any other ideas would be great. Thanks


You gotta show us something.

That doesn’t give us any idea of what you are seeing. How about at least a screen shot or something?


I put the video on YouTube. Here is the link.


On the video, it is hard to see, though…
what happens if you right-click on a scene tab and update a scene?
What extensions do you have installed?


I am able to update all the scenes to make them the correct view and thumbnail image.
Here is a list of my extensions. Thanks for the help.
Screenshot (8).pdf (127.0 KB)