Scenes are no longer correct displayed after re-opening the file

Hi all…i´m using Pro Version 2021.
After creating several scenes in my model with showing different layers to create meshed layouts for assembly, I have the problem that this scenes are no longer displayed correctly after reopening the file.
(The little thumbails of the scenes are still correct visible!)

Is this a bug or can I do refresh the scenes?

It’s difficult to say without more information. Can you share the SketchUp file?

Sorry Dave, how can I share the file here?

If it’s not too large drag and drop the .skp file into a reply here. If it is too large, upload it to Drop Box or Google Drive and share the link.

Dummy PTB duo_V14.skp (2.3 MB)

Which scenes aren’t looking the same as their thumbnails?

You haven’t got any tags (used to be called layers) in this model. You do have a bunch of hidden stuff, though. What do you want to do? Make the scenes agree with the thumbnails or make the thumbnails agree with the scenes?

On my computer all scenes are no longer correct…

You can unhide the stuff you’ve hidden and update the scenes. For hidden objects, you can do that in Outliner without disturbing the Camera position. It appears you have used excessive nesting and you’ll need to burrow into the objects to unhide stuff.

It’s unfortunate that you chose to use Hide instead of tags for this as it makes fixing your file more difficult and time consuming.

The scenes shall be similar to the thumbnails.

I’m not sure why the thumbnails hadn’t updated to reflect the current state of the scenes but it appears that mostly it’ll be a case of unhiding what you don’t want hidden and updating the scenes.

You can manually update the thumbnails to match the scenes but that doesn’t sound like the right option in your case at this point.