Scenes not working


All scenes created are not working any longer, there were updated before closing SketchUp Pro 2019, is there any way to get them back working? are they locked?

Is this a bug or alike?

As there are many scenes created it would be nice to get them back instead of creating them all again.


What do you mean they aren’t working? What are you expecting to have happen that isn’t? Can you share the model so we can see what you have going on?

Did you update them without setting the relevant options, so they all updated to the same scene?

Sry I did not come back to this thread before.

Not sure what happened when updating the scenes, I simply created all new scenes again, took some time tho.


Must have been some setting you had.

Please complete your profile with SketchUp version, license and actual graphics card model.

Is the Camera checkbox ticked for the scenes in question?

@ enero, yes the camera boxes were ticked.

I remember going to each scene and update using the right mouse click, no idea if that was the problem but perhaps I should have update the scenes in the scenes menu instead.

However, I created the scenes again. Regards

Usually when I update a scene I also do a Save.