Scenes not working properly

I have a model of a significant size, big enough such that saving takes several seconds.It is 29652kb. There are approximately 83 scenes created for a walk through animation.
Everything is all good with the exception of a few of the scenes do nothing to show their content when selected or dbl clicking on the same scene in the Scenes Manager (tray).
I’ve purged the drawing several times to no avail.

I expect there’s something wrong with the set up of those scenes but without seeing the SketchUp file it’ll only be guessing as to the problem.

I can get you the file via DropBox if you give me your email.

Just create a link and give access to anyone with the link to be able to download that file.

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Thanks guys. I remade the scenes several times and it was fixed. I’ll likely stop the animation project at 100 scenes ad see what I get.
Usually it takes many hours just to sort it out, put it in some logical order, then adjust camera positions. Then more fiddling till it’s acceptable.
Then do it again, and more and more.