Scenes not saving correctly ! SketchUp 8 Pro


You need to update the style when you change it.

Notice the “needs update” circular arrows that appear superimposed over the style’s thumbnail ?
This means you need to update that style, then update the scene pages that use that style.
(Just click the thumbnail icon to update it and the circular arrows will disappear.)

If you are wanting the scenes to have differing style, then you need each scene to use it’s own style.
In the “In Model” styles collection, right-click the style you wish to copy and choose “Make a Copy”.

I’d also suggest renaming each scene’s style to match the name of the scene page.


Thank You DanRathbun i will try it now … Your Face is like a Hero on Sketchup Community… RESPECT for Your Help towards Others.

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It appears that you have disabled the warning that normally pops up when you create a new scene or update an existing scene if the style has been modified. You could turn it back on in Preferences>General. If you see that warning either choose to make a new style or update the existing one.


Thank You DaveR